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Sen Cal Kapimi (You Knock on My Door) episode 51 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 51st episode of the Turkish TV series “Sen Cal Kapimi”, Serkan and Eda went to see a doctor. When they visited the ultrasound, the doctor said that the future baby of the married couple was fine, and he could even tell the gender. Serkan wanted to know, but Eda is totally against it. Serkan agreed with Eda and let it be a surprise for them. Only in spite of this, he does not find a place for himself. When Serkan met with Engin, he told him that he should find out who his son or daughter will be born to? If he and Eda already have a daughter, then now he would like a son. Serdar turned to the Internet for help, and there they managed to find some information that could help him. If Eda eats a lot of sour, then it means there will be a girl. But if she is drawn to sweets, then, of course, a boy. Engin believes that Serkan just needs to be patient and when the time comes, he will see everything for himself. But such an expectation just drives Serkan crazy. Then he begins to closely monitor Eda's diet. He began to wonder if she wants something sour, or does she, on the contrary, have an aversion to it? Eda came to Serkan's office and said that she spoke to a doctor. And she has something to say to Serkan ...