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Misafir (Guest) episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 2 of the Turkish TV series "Misafir" will tell about how Gece was given a new name until her memory returns, and now everyone will call her Gunesh. The girl began to ask Erdem why he decided to accept her in his house? He talked about how he spent forty-six hours under the rubble, where he lost his parents. Then he believed that he would also die and there was no hope for life. But then, unexpectedly, a hand reached out to him, and he grabbed it with great strength. Now he believes that Gunesh will also be able to grab his hand, which he extended to her in a difficult situation. Maybe she will have a desire to hold on to this life. Only Erdem does not know Gunesh at all. After all, it was not easy for her to want to end her life, and for this she had a good reason. Maybe she is guilty of something or just a bad person? How can Erdem trust her so much? But he does not consider her a bad person, since he has long learned to understand people. Erdem tells Gunesh that she has a chance to start a new life and become good, even if in the past she was a bad person. Doesn't she really care who she is? What kind of life did you live until the moment when all this happened to her? The place where she lived and after all she must have a family ...