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Benim Adim Melek (My name is Melek)

11-19 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
The Turkish series “My Name is Melek / Benim Adım Melek” tells the story of a difficult, full of obstacles and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the path of two loving people towards each other. Khalil and Melek will be represented as the main characters of the tape - young people whose paths, having met once, can no longer diverge.

Melek, in spite of life's hardships and a fate full of bitterness, is a bright and cheerful girl whose eyes conquer at first sight. Khalil also could not resist their force majeure. However, Melek could not resist the courage and honest nobility of a young man, giving him his heart forever.

Khalil and Melek gently protect the bright feeling that flared up between them, but their path to happiness is difficult and full of adversities, sorrows and intrigues of ill-wishers. All that the girl wants is quiet family happiness with the chosen one, as well as the children with whom she was separated by the will of an evil incident. However, is this simple and simple dream come true?

Not wanting to live surrounded by lies, falsehoods, striving for each other, Halal and Melek chose a difficult road where they are waiting for anger, envy, burning jealousy and endless attempts on the part of ruthless enemies to separate loving hearts. Sometimes it seems to them that fate is unfavorable to them, and the pursuers will not allow them to be together.

However, an irresistible desire to unite their lives forever leads lovers to an seemingly unattainable dream. They are ready to go and fight to the end, despite the enemies, circumstances and vicissitudes of evil fate. And the only thing that helps them not to give up, not to give up their hands is bright and pure love, leading through thorns to the stars.
Benim Adim Melek (My name is Melek)
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Update: 9/02/2020

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c roberts
c roberts Guests 26 February 2020 01:24
where are episodes 20 and 21 of this Benim Adim Melek? I love this show, i hope you will continue to translate it.
piscesau2000 Kinoman 3 March 2020 09:10
i cant open Videos! i want to watch 13,14 and 15. Can u please tell me how? Thank you
Evelyn Guests 5 March 2020 18:37
c roberts,

c roberts,
c roberts,
c roberts,
c roberts,please continue translations of Benin Adem Melek
inita Guests 24 March 2020 00:49
benim adim melek is sooooo very entertaining and exciting now...i hope u will continue updating it so we can all catch up. I watch without understanding most...yet it is still compelling. thx

C Roberts
C Roberts Guests 24 March 2020 16:13

Have you stopped translating this series - Episode 26 is showing tomorrow and it is only translated up to Episode 19.

Can you let us know what your plans are please?

Bob Guests 12 January 2021 19:24
Can you please upload season 2?