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24-69 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
People in love can behave unpredictably, because the very feeling is born against their will. Sometimes even revenge can transform into something good and change people's lives. The heroes of the heart-breaking multi-part Turkish melodrama “Hercai” are in search of their happiness, but instincts and prejudices lead them to it.

The charming, affectionate, sweet girl Reyan was always set as an example to other young women who envied her, did not trust her and considered the beauty their rival. Relatives of the protagonist of the series "Windy" treated Reyan condescendingly and frivolously. The girl is the youngest granddaughter of community leader Midyat Nasuh Shadoglu. Relatives considered Reyan a quiet and shy girl, but in the end she became the cause of problems that affect all members of the Shadoglu family.

Once the main character of the series met a young, wealthy entrepreneur Miran Aslanbey. This is a handsome man who wants to take revenge on the offenders of his family. He lives a hatred of enemies and can no longer think of anything else. The situation changes after Miran met Reyan and fell in love with this divine creature. Now he is ready to give up revenge for his beloved.

The young man is from Istanbul. He goes to Midyat, where the Shadoglu family lives, to meet his beloved grandfather. Initially, businessmen conduct business negotiations, but then Nasuh unexpectedly discovers that a successful Istanbul entrepreneur came to him to ask for the hands of his younger granddaughter. Miran hoped that the head of the Shadoglu family would not refuse him and the wedding was just around the corner.

Everything changed after the elder sister Reyan Yaren saw the handsome man from Istanbul. She also fell in love with Miran and tried to make sure that his wedding with Reyan did not take place. Even an influential grandfather was on her side and offered his older granddaughter as a wife to the Istanbul businessman. Seeing Yaren, Miran temporarily changed his mind. The girl did everything possible to charm him. A man breaks off relations with Reyan, not realizing that this is his true love. The series "Windy" can be watched online in good quality on our website at any time convenient for you.
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Update: 26/04/2021

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Ayesha Kinoman 9 March 2020 18:23
Where's the rest of the episodes for Hercai? Episode 1 onwards 
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can you upload no 309 in subs, endless love, fatmagul and mercy. thanks
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where is hecai episode 42?
Guest Anna
Guest Anna Guests 10 October 2020 12:58
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ShahBano Manoor
ShahBano Manoor Guests 9 November 2020 15:21
Where are the episodes from 1 to 23 please do upload
Turkish_Series_Lover Guests 4 May 2021 18:45
you can use this website to watch all episodes of hercai :)