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Elkızı episode 5 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 5 of the Turkish TV series "Elkızı" will tell how Ezo was very scared for Ali and when he was in the hospital, she did not leave him. As soon as Ali regained his senses, Ezo was delighted. Harun received a call and was informed that Asli had an accident and is now undergoing surgery. He immediately went there. At that moment Ali and Ezo went to visit Asli and found out that her boyfriend was next to her. But they never expected to see Haruna and Nermin in this girl's room. Grandma told Ezo that tonight Harun and her mother would have to leave this village once and for all. Ezo just now realized how much she offended Ali, because he is the only person who is not interested in money. But there are other pitiful people who are ready to humiliate themselves for the sake of three kopecks. Nermin told Ezo that her father was a special person. But Ezo does not understand how Nermin can know so well about this. Nermin found herself in a confused situation, and pretended that she did not understand at all what was happening here. When she wanted to get up from the table, Ezo raised her voice to Nermin and, in an orderly tone, told her to sit down in her place. There is no need to mumble here, as Ezo knows perfectly well that Nermin was her father's mistress. For such a turn of events, Nermin was not at all ready ...