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Aziz episode 3 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 3 of the Turkish TV series "Aziz" will tell about how Efnan was taken from Aziz's house against his will and wanted to be married off. Her father told everyone that he took Efnan from the hands of Aziz Paidar and everyone should know about it. The man then gave his daughter a new name such as Zelila. Efnan resisted as best she could, but her father does not feel any pity and does not even want to listen to her. When the wedding day came, Aziz suddenly appeared, he thwarted the wedding and took Efnan. Aziz said that no one has the right to take from him whoever is next to him. Efnan was very happy and grateful to Aziz that he saved her from this unwanted marriage. News immediately began to spread about this act of Aziz. All local residents learn that he attacked during the wedding and kidnapped the bride. Dilruba also found out about it and she starts to go crazy with jealousy. Maksuda began to shame Dilruba, calling her a shameless woman. She has one in her heart, and next to her as a groom is another, and this is not befitting a decent woman. When Dilruba met with Aziz, she could not hide her emotions. She began to express everything to Aziz and say that it would be better if he did not appear in her life. Aziz grabbed and kissed Dilruba, because he still loves her. Maksude witnessed this scene and was shocked ...