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Elbet Bir Gün (Sure One Day) episode 2 english subtitles

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Episode 2 of the Turkish TV series “Elbet Bir Gün” will tell how Sevilay continues to seek Mehmet. He tries to end the relationship with her, but the girl turned out to be very persistent. She begins to threaten that she will settle scores with her life if Mehmet is not around. Mehmet has already married and he loves his wife very much, so he does not want to continue this romance with Sevilay. Gizem told Nesima that she would take her and her son to a place that would be safe and Cemil would not be able to find them there. Gizem finally managed to find his happiness. Now she has a beloved husband and a wonderful family, this she cannot lose. Therefore, he and Nesima need to get out of this situation by any means, and then they will each go their own way. Gizem wanted to put Nesime in a hotel, but she thinks they'd be better off staying with her. Gizem is tired of lying to everyone, but even now she has no other choice. Nesime tells Gizem that she is no longer Feride and is posing as another person. She also may not be Nesime, but Ipek. Mevsim continues to search for his mother. She joins forces with Cemil, as they both want to find her ...