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Kaderimin Oyunu episode 11 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

11 The series of the Turkish series "Kaderimin Oyunu" will tell about how Jemal and Asie were in the hut and their long lack of tension in the mansion of Demirhanov. Zahide does not understand why Jemal took Asie? But Helen explained that Makhir was busy. Only Zahid continues to express his doubts about this aloud and believes that everything is not easy. Esat was late in the evening came to Raji and it surprised Gemal. Esat traveled to Amias and pulled all the necessary information for Raji. When Gemal entered the office, Raji said that he learned all the information about Asie and she was in the folder that Essa brought. Neghiss decides to cause another Jamal pain pain. She walked over to Mahiru and hugged him right in front of his father. Zahide accidentally overheard the conversation of NRHIS and learned about the murder. She told Jemal and Miral, which perhaps killed the man. The news about the murder also became known and unfinished. She believes asia should pick up their children and disappear forever from here. Hemal told his children that henceforth would not be any separation. Mahir is saddened by the fact that Asie perceives him only, as a friend. And most likely her heart is already occupied by another man. Helen all on the nerves jumped out of the house and did not notice at all, as the wheels of her car got an eye ...