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Kaderimin Oyunu episode 15 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 15th episode of the Turkish series “Kaderimin Oyunu” will tell about how Jemal does not like the fact that Asiya is trying to scold him like a wife. He reminded her that her beloved husband was in another room, and she would scold him. But Asie wants one thing, so that Cemal at least once kept his word. In addition, Asie believes that Cemal should not have said anything to Nergis and vented his anger on her. But Jemal did this only for the reason that Nergis constantly looks at him with hatred and calls him a coward at every opportunity. Cemal will not allow Asiya to denigrate him in the eyes of his daughter. Nergis is very hard, but she said that from now on they will not bow their heads. Seeing Mahir, Nergis thanked him for everything and then hugged him tightly. Nergis asked her mother to sleep together that night, and Asiya could not refuse her daughter. But when morning came, Nergis was gone. Asieh found a letter in Nergis' room, in which she said that it was her turn to sacrifice herself. Nergis went to the police station to surrender. Zahide saw her husband in the company of Meral and began to express everything to Asiya, because this is her friend. Zahide is furious and has gathered the whole family to tell her that she saw her husband next to another woman. Ugur became interested in his grandmother, is Mahir really not his father and is it a simple game? He also knows that they are hiding from the police...