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Kaderimin Oyunu episode 18 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 18th episode of the Turkish TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu” will tell about how Asiya received a message from Jemal in which he said that someone found out about them. Then Asiye received another message from Cemal, where he made an appointment with her. Asia is very scared and does not know what she will do now. But these messages were actually written by Zuhal and she hopes to reveal the secret to Asiya and thereby be able to get Mahir. As soon as Zukhal saw Mahir alone, she said that she saw Cemal and Asiye together and they had a romantic conversation. She is ready to prove that there is a connection between them, but Mahiru does not need it. Mahir saw the message on Asiya's phone and was shocked. Despite everything, he is not ready to just give up. He considers Asiya and her children his family and therefore will not leave a field for Jemal. After Mahir found out everything, the situation became very confused. The showdown between Jemal and Mahir gradually begins to intensify. Asie confessed to Mahir and apologized for not being able to tell everything right away. After that, she wanted to leave the mansion, but Mahir did not allow it. Cemal warned Mahir to be careful, as he crosses the borders. Mahir reminded Jemal about how he abandoned his own child on the day when he was just born. Zahide became an accidental witness to this conversation...