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Kaderimin Oyunu episode 20 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 20th episode of the Turkish series “Kaderimin Oyunu” will tell about how Helin found out the whole truth about Cemal and Asiya. This was a big shock for her and she promises that she will not leave everything just like that. She would never have thought that Ugur and Nergis were the natural children of her lawful husband. All this time they lived under the same roof. For Helin, this truth became so shocking that her nerves gave out, and she began to destroy everything around her. She curses Asia and promises that she will destroy her. Despite the revealed truth, Helin is not going to give up her husband. She is sure that Asiye settled in their house only in order to return Jemal to her family. But Helin won't let that happen. Helin told her mother everything, but Nedret already knew about her son-in-law's past. Only Helin did not find out everything about Asia and tells a different truth to her daughter. Asiye killed a man and with the help of such information they will be able to get rid of Jemal's ex-wife. Together, they begin to develop a plan to get rid of Asia forever. Helin met with Nejmi and offered a version of that ill-fated evening when his friend was killed. Maybe Asia didn’t just kill the person who lived next door to her, but he was also her lover?