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Kaderimin Oyunu episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 6th series of the Turkish series "Kaderimin Oyunu" will tell about how the whole family was assembled and Helen said the close thing that today they have a special day for them. After all, it was in this date that their acquaintance occurred. Hemal forgot about it, but Helen prepared a surprise for his beloved man. It was a drawing in the form of a portrait of Helen and Gemal. She remembered good day when he was discharged from the hospital, and Jemal took her to the garden. Helen wants them to be with her husband never forget about this beautiful day. Then Helen handed the box with the rings in the hands of Makhir so that they could wear them with Asie. Jemal said Asie, that she demands impossible from him. He reminds that he has been married and Jamaal has a child. But when he sees Asie, his heart begins to beat even stronger. Hemal with great difficulty restrained, so as not to hit Makhira at the moment when he put on the Ring Asie. All in its place will be able to place only the DNA test. Asie said the Jemale that he can run if he wishes, because it gets best. Asie said Mahiru that, thanks to him she was able to see the best people in his life, which she had never had to meet. When the family gathered, the eldest was ready to read the DNA DNA test Kutay and Uhuch Kutay ...