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Annemizi Saklarken

1-8 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "Annemizi SakLarken" will show an extraordinary history of one mother. For each person, his mother is considered the one's most saints. Only here not all mother is the same. Sometimes such mothers can meet that looking at them begin to think about them. So that they do not exist at all. But in this Turkish TV series with English subtitles it will be about a completely different woman. Each person always hides their life story. Each one has to overcome his own way and survive a certain drama. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult to explain why some actions make people and that they pushes them to this.

The main heroine of the Turkish TV series "Annemizi Saklarken" in Turkish, is a young woman named Handan, on the care of which three children are. The woman gave birth to her first child very early, as it was very naive and did not see any difficulties in front. As a result, she was a victim of her own nonsense. Then two children appeared to the world. Despite all the difficulties and tests, she did not have the soul in their children and gave each of them the maternal warmth. Very often, life presented for Handan rather harsh lessons, and she always kept all the trials.

Thanks to this lessons, the heroine of the Turkish series "Annemizi Saklarken" can be held online with English subtitles, was able to learn to be more resistant, reasonable and could survive in this difficult world. And this could be the most real salvation for her. But fate continues to continue to prevent the most unexpected surprises for Handan. She goes further and strives for the better, but sometimes there are such moments when you just want to lower your hands and surrender. But once in her life, it happens that once and forever changes the usual existence ...
Annemizi Saklarken
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Update: 6/02/2022

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