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Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor)

13-15,18-27 29-44 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
A surgeon with a unique gift and a real child, deprived of the skills of social adaptation and communication with people around him - this is how the Turkish series with the English subtitles “Miracle Doctor / Mucize Doktor” of the main character presents. Having congenital abnormalities in development, from an early age, Ali was disadvantageously different from his peers. The father of the baby, being unable to cope with the awareness of his son’s disability, imagining him flawed in the eyes of others, gave the child to a shelter.

The hero of the series “Miracle Doctor / Mucize Doktor”, Ali suffers from autism and a rare disease known as “Savant syndrome” or “learned idiot syndrome”. The uniqueness of the pathology lies in the fact that the patient has outstanding skills and knowledge in limited areas, while in other areas he is presented as a mentally limited person.

When watching the series, the viewer is convinced that the power of their own talent and desire can achieve the impossible. For Ali, who has a unique talent and knowledge in the field of medicine, such an act was studying at a university preparing future doctors. Without looking back at the laughter and contemptuous views of his colleagues in the course, Ali successfully completes his studies.

By chance, a brilliant specialist in the person of Ali, imprisoned in the mind of a five-year-old child, gets a job in one of the most prestigious clinics in the city. An excellent surgeon and diagnostician, Ali is well aware of the specifics, causes and treatment methods of each patient. However, the personal life of a young doctor, saturated with skepticism of colleagues and the wary attitude of others, is extremely difficult to call happy. To overcome difficulties and cope with neglect of the medicine, the young man is helped by friends and a teacher whom he can rightly call his family.
Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor)
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Update: 10/01/2021

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Episode 28?? Pleasee
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Raheem Ali Guests 27 December 2020 04:06
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