Super Riki / Drama / Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (Fateful house)

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (Fateful house)

1-12 series english subtitles
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
The Turkish TV series “My Home” with English subtitles was based on real events and the main characters in it will be Khairi and Nalan. It so happened that a completely simple guy who was born in a poor family met a charming girl on his way and fell in love. She was from a wealthy family and it would seem that there could be nothing in common between them, but fate was still able to unite these two loving hearts. Despite the fact that the heroine was born in such a wealthy family and lived in a luxurious house, her life was much more complicated than that of a simple guy.

The fate of every person begins at the very moment when he only comes into this world. And at that moment, the most important thing is to establish a relationship with your own mother, who has so long and patiently bore her child. The life of the main character of the Turkish TV series “Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir”, which can be watched online, does not work out in the best way. Although she lived in luxury and could enjoy every new day of her comfortable life, everything looks different. When she first married, she was very happy, but then she had to face terrible betrayal from loved ones. And then the worst happened when the unfortunate girl was placed in a mental hospital, where she had to endure serious trials.

Everything turned upside down at the moment when she had to become an unwitting witness to one terrible crime that happened in a house in the neighborhood. Despite the fact that she tried to tell others about everything, no one began to believe her and the reason for this was the mental disorder from which the girl suffered. Then she decides to personally figure everything out and for this begins to conduct her own investigation. The heroine of the series could not even think that very soon she would find out the name of the criminal. But just at that moment the unexpected happens and she falls in love with this man ...
Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (Fateful house)
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Update: 2/07/2020
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Comments (10)
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Shah bano
Shah bano Guests 26 January 2020 23:25
What a beautifull episode was it 
Khumur Guests 30 January 2020 16:05
Why can't I see the ep 4. I am in India. 
Sara Nichifor
Sara Nichifor Guests 6 February 2020 15:00
 6th of Feb 2020 --- any chance you will post Ep.5?

Corri Guests 4 March 2020 11:38
What happen to Episode 9
GJV Guests 12 March 2020 07:11
You can watch all the episodes in Youtube.
Nawal Guests 11 April 2020 17:36
When will episode 12 come out? And even all the other series the next episodes hasnt come out yet and its been over 3 weeks?!?!
Human Guests 12 April 2020 16:41

, I suggest you google covid-19 and specifically ‘social distancing’ measures in place. Across the globe.
MM Guests 2 July 2020 13:50
12. Episod doesnt work :-(
Huda Guests 2 July 2020 21:23
Thanks guyz
Melodious87 Kinoman 5 July 2020 19:14
Where are the previous episodes? Were they taken down? :( It's so hard to find good subs for this dizi.