Super Riki / Drama / Zümrüdüanka (Emerald phoenix)

Zümrüdüanka (Emerald phoenix)

1-9 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Serhat, the grandson of a wealthy Demirkanlar family, joins the army to pay off his debt to his homeland. After the service, he intends to marry Zyumryut, who works in their factory. But while he was in the army, his uncle Adil also decided to marry Zyumryut, not knowing their love with Serhat. And the company of Serhat is sent to war in Syria. They are being bombarded there, the news of his death is sent home. Demircanlars are grieving. But life goes on and on the day of the wedding of Adil and Zyumrut Serhat returns home. He is alive, an error has occurred. What will happen to Serhat and Zyumrut with love? Can she forgive her beloved? What secret does Zyumrut hide, why did she have to get married? How will Adil react when he learns that his nephew and his wife love each other?
Zümrüdüanka (Emerald phoenix)
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Update: 26/03/2020
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Comments (13)
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Apkp Guests 25 February 2020 15:09

waiting for episode 5. Kindly upload as soon as possible

thank you.
Hafsah Guests 2 March 2020 13:05
Please upload episode 6. Thank you so much in advance  
Ani Guests 8 March 2020 22:30
When will episode 7 be uploaded pls?

hafsah Guests 10 March 2020 11:24
please upload episode 7 xx
Jessie Guests 10 March 2020 23:53
Please upload episode 7
hgh Guests 12 March 2020 08:27
Why is there no translation of Zumruduanka this week? :-(
Oz Guests 19 March 2020 09:05
Episode 8 - there is NO English subtitles! I've tried from different devices, it is not showing the subtitles, just the regular Turkish audio. 
Aislin Guests 19 March 2020 09:17
This episode is not translated with eng subtitls, i hve checkd theough other streams aswell,, but its not translted with eng subs.. Please review it once, and kindly upload the one translated with eng subs

Turkfan Guests 19 March 2020 09:23
There appears to be no translation to english for episode 8 of Zumruduanka. Pls assist.
Thank you
angi Kinoman 21 March 2020 00:09
No english subs
Cristina Guests 21 March 2020 21:56
No english subtitles!!! Please....
Farina Guests 25 March 2020 14:19
Plz upload episode 9 and also upload babil
lena26 Guests 28 March 2020 03:09
thank you that was perfect