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Baş Belası (Trouble-maker)
Despite the fact that the Turkish TV series “Baş Belası” in English was filmed in the criminal genre, there are still a lot of comic moments in the plot. Events begin to unfold from the moment one man disappeared, who was the father of Ipek's child. He is accused of murder, after which the suspect
Year: 2021
Genre: Crime
Update: 20/08/2021
20 August 2021

Hizmetçiler (Maids) 1-3 series

Hizmetçiler (Maids)
In the center of events of the Turkish TV series "Maids" with English subtitles were five friends who work in the homes of wealthy people. Huge areas of luxury mansions almost leave no free time. Girlfriends have a rare weekend when they manage to meet in order to share secrets and just chat. They
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Update: 22/03/2020
22 March 2020
Sevgili Geçmiş (Sisterhood)
The Turkish series “Sisterhood” (“Sevgili geçmiş”) is a dramatic story in which the destinies of relatives, but such distant people, are fancifully intertwined. You can watch the movie online and try to figure out strange and sometimes dangerous family secrets. Fate separated the three sisters in
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Update: 15/12/2019
15 December 2019