Super Riki / Selen Domaç
Seni Çok Bekledim (I waited for you too)
The events of the Turkish TV series “Seni Çok Bekledim” with English subtitles will unfold around a single man named Kadir. Once he had a family, but circumstances developed in such a way that, due to constant travel, a peaceful existence was disrupted. The man had a business, and he could not
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
Update: 11/04/2021
11 April 2021

Hizmetçiler (Maids) 1-3 series

Hizmetçiler (Maids)
In the center of events of the Turkish TV series "Maids" with English subtitles were five friends who work in the homes of wealthy people. Huge areas of luxury mansions almost leave no free time. Girlfriends have a rare weekend when they manage to meet in order to share secrets and just chat. They
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Update: 22/03/2020
22 March 2020